Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How blogging can helps language learners to enhance their writing skill.

Blogging improves your writing skills. 

Better writing ability, and an enhanced ability to express yourself in print, is a rarely thought about benefit of blogging. 

While most people think of writers as infinitely talented, living in some rarified air denied to the rest of us, writing is a learned skill. 

While some people are indeed born more talented with the written word than others, most people can become better writers simply through practice. 

Blogging is as good a practice field as any. 

Like playing sports or a musical instrument, improvement in skill level only results from constant practice. The more you work on the skills, the better at applying them you become. 

Writing your daily blog post provides a fresh blank canvas for self expression. As the words form sentences on the page, a sense of accomplishment is the direct result. 

It feels good to finish a blog post. 

Don't be bashful. Feel proud of what you have written. 

Many bloggers have told me they had no idea that they could write even one coherent post; let alone one or more a day. Often, they were entirely convinced that writing well formed thoughts was impossible for them. 

Becoming bloggers changed that mistaken idea entirely. 

It's all a matter of practice, and with that continual application of fingers to keyboard, the skills improve constantly. 

Before you know it, another well written and easily understood blog post appears on the page. 

It's almost like magic. 

Of course, I keep thinking that through constant practice, my typing skills will eventually improve to the level of being semi-adequate. Occasionally, I can even type a word or two without looking at the keyboard. That event always shocks me. 

I believe that is truly a case of real magic; or perhaps even a miracle of monumental proportions. 

Well, enough of that. 

With writing, the more a person does it, the better they get at doing it. 

Blogs are a great way to practice and hone your ability to express yourself and your thoughts via the written word. 

Learning how to write well, and express thoughts in a logical and coherent manner, are hidden benefits of blogging. 

It's a good thing those benefits don't stay hidden for long. 


wen said...

That's why the saying goes 'practice makes perfect' =)