Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The benefits of blogging and its acceptance as a form of mainstream media

There has been growing acceptance and awareness of the terms blog and blogging. An article on technical blog revealed that 80% of Americans are aware of blogs and visit blogs on a regular basis.

Many people have been accustom to blogs and its ability to provide information on specialised and niche topics that may not be covered in mainstream medias. Others also find blogs as a useful source of entertainment news and gossip, however a large percentage of blog readers still refer to traditional forms of media for news, sharing their time spent with blogs on medias such as newspaper, television and radio.

Therefore as people become increasingly aware of blogs, they develop an understanding of the business opportunities blogs. Following is a description of is a list of the opportunities:

  • Targeted advertising: because of the specific nature of blogs which concentrate on particular interest and topics. Blogs usually tend to have attract a certain group of audience with specific demographic and audience, increasing the effectiveness of advertising on industry to topic specific blogs.
  • Promotion: increasingly consumers are relying on blogs as a reliable source of product review and qualification. A corporate blog provides the opportunity for companies to review and present their products to consumers in a subtle manner unlike traditional forms of banner advertising.
  • Authority and recognition: blogs allow companies to easily update and add relevant content within their online promotions and marketing campaigns. The more companies blog about topics relevant to their industry and more recognition and authority they will gain from the industry as a voice and point of contact when consumers queries the products and services related to a industry.

The list of benefits and opportunities of blogs is continually expanding and the acceptance of the technique as a mainstream media is only an example of the potential of blogging and its benefits to a company.


norizan said...

So are you convinced that blogging will assist you to develope your writing skills? If you do will you blog and blog? You need audience/readers to give comments on what you wrote. So start advertising your blog ok .